Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps

1:12 PM Sep 29th - am up late blogging, waiting for baby m to wake up for 1am feed!
8:09 PM Sep 27th - am still in my jimjams - how did that happen? Have done nothing today that I wanted to :-(
1:00 PM Sep 26th - am making myself a nice hot cup of tea whilst the little one sleeps!
7:06 AM Sep 24th - am rejoicing that I finally have an empty inbox - it have only taken me 5 weeks to achieve this!!
7:24 AM Sep 23rd - Waiting for train to kilchberg to meet al and aimee for lunch. First playdate - very excited! Train am only 12 mins, so why does it feel like such an adventure? And we are only 30 mins late!
7:51 AM Sep 22nd - am rejoicing that we have bathed and settled our little bundle of joy - a few hours peace can be ours!
11:59 AM Sep 20th - am backing up my laptop and data
8:44 AM Sep 20th - am clearing and sorting my clothes - maternity clothes (most of them) being packed away! New nursing tops being put in drawers!
3:12 PM Sep 19th - am awake and on the night shift, waiting for baby boy to settle!
9:52 PM Sep 18th - am feeling like a proper Mum, having discovered the deights of H&M Kids in Zürich - retail tmyapy for Markus and me!
2:59 PM Sep 18th - am feeling human again after my first proper shower in days! Hurrah for hubbies who work 80% and look after baby so I can look after myself!
8:05 AM Sep 18th - am very glad that mr.ncot has got home and can take over baby ncot duties!
2:40 PM Sep 17th - am sad that best friend Sal and gorgeous little boy Ish have now left after 3 days here!
8:48 AM Sep 17th - On way to first professional event since baby! Have had hair, body and confidence crisis but am now on the tram with no turning back :-) ...
1:09 PM Sep 15th - am glad that mr.ncot has the afternoon off - he found me and M both sobbing our hearts out on the sofa :-( I've eaten and now feel better!
10:23 AM Sep 15th - trying to clear the tip, which we optimistically call an office and which will become the office / nursery!
2:30 PM Sep 14th - am exhausted after a trip into town with brother and son - we managed 1.5 hours and 3 shops! I now know which shops have lifts!
11:49 AM Sep 14th - am enjoying my little bruv visiting, who am photographing the lad :-)
10:54 AM Sep 12th - typing one handed and cuddling the little lad to sleep :-)
8:19 AM Sep 10th - sitting on the sofa, watching tv and surfing the web - waiting for the next feed :-)
5:29 PM Sep 9th - am rejoicing that markus is asleep and that I can eat my breakfast /lunch in peace and catch up with some internet time!
9:20 AM Sep 9th - am now dealing with the downsides of the job - baby sick! I love it :-)
8:12 AM Sep 8th - am taking it easy today and am enjoying the fact that I can "do my job" from bed - feeding baby m, drinking water and taking painkillers :-)
7:46 AM Sep 8th - am learning to surf the web and type with one hand and breast feed baby using the other!
4:26 PM Sep 5th - am waiting for my parents to arrive - finally!
7:22 AM Sep 5th - am cooking supper for the first time in ages! Nothing exotic, pesto pasta and "beer free" beer :-)
4:18 PM Sep 4th - am amazed that a) baby m is sleeping, b) the flat is tidy and c) that I have managed to get some sleep. Now waiting for visitors from work!
12:39 PM Sep 4th - am rejoicing that mr.ncot has just got home and am putting rice on for supper, and that baby ncot is still asleep :-)
2:30 PM Sep 2nd - am enjoying a nice hot cup of tea for the first time in days!
12:22 PM Sep 2nd - am waiting for the late night feed before I can go to bed! Wake up Markus :-)
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