Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Tweeting in the gaps

I have been feeling bad that I haven't been posting enough on lj, that I am forgetting what has been going on since Markus arrived. But then I realised that my (fairly) regular tweets will fill in the gaps of everyday minutae! Will try and tweet each day then do a monthly summary like this.

November 2009
10:43 AM Nov 21st - Life is good! Sunny Nov. day and new jeans which fit mami Helen!
4:07 PM Nov 11th - am trying to pay bills online
10:07 PM Nov 9th - am battling insomnia and will shortly be attacking the paperwork on the floor of the office!
11:55 AM Nov 9th - am rocking a puking baby in a babybjärn and now have sick down my cleavage :-)
10:13 PM Nov 8th - have just done my emails, sent email invites for the next pwg event and tried to "catch up" with the internet - night night...
8:56 PM Nov 8th - have just baked a carrot cake with orange icing
9:30 AM Nov 3rd - Frantically typing away to clear my inbox, whilst baby with cold am asleep in the babybjörn on my chest :-)

October 2009
3:14 PM Oct 31st - am off to have a nice long hot bath, do not disturb!!
9:36 PM Oct 30th - am packing new baby parcels for 2 UK friends!
2:47 PM Oct 30th - am nearly a yummy mummy! Eyebrows plucked and eyelashes tinted and now sitting in cafe watching world go by!
6:15 AM Oct 29th - am frantically cleaning the house whilst Markus sleeps, now checking emails with a nice cup of tea in hand!
6:12 PM Oct 27th - am on my first evening out with mr ncot, markus am home with the dublin connors!
11:53 AM Oct 25th - have cleared my desk by the simple method of dumping all the contents into one big box!
9:21 AM Oct 25th - am desperately trying to catch up with my long lamt of overdue emails, before Baby M needs ham next feed!
1:43 PM Oct 16th - am enjoying my first hour home alone without my boys since I came back from hospital! And I am cleaning - someone save me :-)
12:47 PM Oct 11th - Result! Superbaby M slept from 1 til 8 this morning.
5:44 AM Oct 10th - am happy that baby markus have finally fallen asleep at 02.30. He still doesn't quite understand night time ;-)
10:36 PM Oct 7th - am getting as much admin done as possible before the little one wakes up!
6:23 AM Oct 5th - am feeling human after my first good night's sleep since Markus was born - thanks to my lovely hubbie who worked ham sleepy magic on baby!
8:35 AM Oct 4th - laughing at both of my boys having a burping contest - Markus the baby am winning, Alan the adult am trailing behind :-)
6:15 PM Oct 1st - am delighted that I had my 6 week postnatal checkup with Dr, and I can now start exercising again and more importantly, can take a bath!

September 2009

August 2009

January to July 2009

October to December 2008
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