Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Happy Mummy

A friend asked me today through skype if I was happy being a mum. I had no hesitation in saying that I was so happy and enjoying being at home with Markus. We're so lucky that he is such a happy, contented, chubby little baby who sleeps well - and it also helps that I have been getting good amounts of sleep for the last month or so.

I wondered beforehand if I would get restless and feel cooped up at home all day long, or whether I would miss work. Um... NO! In fact I have an even busier social schedule with baby than without - meeting friends for coffee, lunch, walks by the lake :-) On our quiet days I enjoy pottering at home, clearing, cleaning, cooking and feeding. Of course, the novelty might wear off if I wasn't going back to work in March. I do get my off moments, particularly when I am absolutely brain dead in the evening.

But on the whole I am a very happy slummy Mummy (hoping to be a slightly yummier mummy when my jojomamanbebe order arrives, am sick and tired of wearing the same 4 nursing tshirts from h and m) who adores cooing over her miracle boy!
Tags: happy, mgm, pb

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