Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Things I now know to be true (since Markus!)

- at 3 months, he's definitely not a new born anymore! He looks and feels and is much less fragile now
- I like pottering around at home, I like the routine and rhythm of changing nappies, feeding, burping. I feel satisfaction in having a clean kitchen, laundry done, clean bedding, folded baby clothes
- I like the fact that I have challenged my expectations of being a mum and being on maternity leave - I love being at home and looking after baby M
- You can get a lot done in an hour, whilst baby sleeps (especially if you prioritize like mad!)
- It's amazing how much time you can spend just gazing at baby sleeping
- The laundry monster is never satisified!
- I thought I would be desperate to get back to work (but I'm not!)
- Mr.ncot can sing :-)

I talked to my good friend Jill yesterday, and was moaning about the fact that I don't have time to get certain things done now, or at least not done in the way I did things before. She gently reminded me of what I have achieved the last 3 months, gettting out and meeting people, keeping up contact at work, having visitors, getting to know Markus. It was a good reminder!
Tags: happy, mgm, pb

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