Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

We called you...

Dear Markus

When you were just a bump, I wrote a series of blogs to you about the pregnancy, called postcards to my bump. Now that you're here, there's a few more things I want to write to you, as we grow together as a brand new family. And if I call them "postcards to my baby", then I can use the same tag (ptmb) :-)

So here's the first entry. We called you... Markus Gerry Moran. Mgm for short :-)

It took us a long time to decide on names, the process involved lots of post it notes and me secretly looking up names in the baby names book, that your Dad didn't want me to buy! We finally decided on names the week before you arrived and in the hospital, as your Dad was filling out the official form, we were still deciding on spellings!

Why did we choose this name? We liked Markus as a name, just because! We spelt it with a k not a c, so that you can shorten it to Mark, which is the more common "english" form of the name. But Markus is also a popular swiss name, so you'll fit right in here.

I definitely wanted you to have a second name. It gives you the flexibility later on to use it as your first name if you wish. You are called Gerry, after my beloved Uncle and Godfather Gerry Channer. He died last year, just before we knew that you were on the way to us. He was an amazing person - he was an adventurer, who always looked forward in life. He was generous in spirit, had a fab sense of humour and genuinely cared about all his friends, and he had many. If you turn out like him, we have done a good job. And tomorrow, you get to meet your Great Aunt Sharon for the first time, the other half of Gerry and Sharon... :-)

Finally, you are a Moran. When we got married, we decided that I would keep my surname of Palmer. When we knew that you were on the way, I thought again about whether to change my surname to Moran, whether it was important that all the family had the same surname. But in the end, I stay a Palmer. We are family, whether we are Morans, Palmers or any combination of the two. Let's see how our post arrives!

So, that's why and how we named you...

lots of love
your Mami xxx
Tags: mgm, ptmb, thymeoff

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