Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Baby Labelling!

One of my bestest mates Mags (I have 2 best mates, Sal and Mags - Sal's hubbie calls us the 3 witches!) sent me this photo today and said it looked like I was labelling baby. I was in fact making name badges for the last pwg event :-)

I have had a fab grown up day today - a visit to work to sort out my laptop, lunch with my team, yoga, then a trip to Globus spa for eyebrow shape, eyelash tinting and bikini wax (I may not be a yummy mummy, but I am now at least less hairy!) And then 20 minutes in the cafe texting friends and drinking a little prosecco! I love the fact that lovely hubby works 80% and is very happy to stay at home on a Friday playing with our little lad. How good that sounds! And we still have the weekend ahead of us...
Tags: guests, mgm, pwg, treats

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