Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Final thoughts before bed

As mentioned in previous posts, I am adjusting to my new role as Mami to Markus and figuring out what is important to me. Having had a few days of struggling, the weekend was better, mostly because Mr.ncot spent time with Markus and made me go and do other things!

The following things have really helped me this weekend

  • Having time to go the chemist on Saturday and get some good advice on treatments for various ailments and to stock up on medical supplies (sounds silly, but makes a BIG day to day difference!)

  • Time in the hot autumn sun (is it really autumn already?) walking by the lake, catching up with my good friend Jill - catching up on each other's lives and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Enjoying talking about my new life and challenges as a Mum

  • Time to catch up on a few blog posts and to feel up to date. I realise again that my writing helps me and keeps me balanced. This is something that I can and should prioritise for myself.

  • The feeling of coming home to the flat, looking forward to seeing my little lad and feeding him.

  • Knowing that life is good, I will enjoy each day with Markus and will endevour to forget about work or my longer term future for the moment. I will just stay in the moment...

    • Markus has now settled after his 2am feed, so we are now off to bed - nighty night!
Tags: autumn, friends, mgm

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