Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 38: Lost Dog Reward

This week’s journaleer’s homework is as follows: You just found someone’s lost dog, and the reward is $1000. The dog owner INSISTS that you spend it on fun things/activities for yourself. What do you spend it on? Why?

If I was rewarded with Fr. 1500-, I would first of all treat my hubbie to a big night out, to thank him for being such a star and supporting both of us on his salary. We would go to the Jules Verne cocktail bar first, for some pre-dinner cocktails and a fantastic view over Zurich. We’d then go downstairs to the Brasserie Lipp for dinner. We'd eat and drink what we wanted for one evening, the bill no object :-)

Then I’d buy two second hand bikes so that we can whizz around Zurich together. Then with the Fr. 800- or so remaining I’d go to the Brocki furniture stores and try to find: some beanbags or big floor cushions, a coffee table, and a low long sideboard / table for our TV and DVD. Maybe even some bookshelves?

With any money remaining I’d restock my available books from the Buecher Brocky and surprise as many bookcrosser friends as possible with RABCKS!

PS. Oooh, and I’d upgrade my LiveJournal account, and also buy bookcrossing wings for the year!
Tags: journaleers, writing

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