Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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6 Weeks old!

week 6 (1)
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Markus was six weeks old on Friday and here are the photos from the last few weeks...

Footprints at one month

Week 4, Sept 11th
Eating his own hand / Contemplating life

Week 5, Sept 18th
Thinking about crying / Definitely Crying!

Week 6, Sept 25th
Blurry Hands / Yawning

See Markus growing week by week here...

Whilst we still haven't got any sense of routine, he does sleep well, eat well (like a milk monster!) and kicks his arms and legs vigorously. He responds well to all the sounds around and is practicing his smile at the moment. Mr.ncot and I are turning into gushing parents :-)

Oh, and he has grown out of his newborn size Tesco All-in-ones! Whilst I am eager to see all the next stages, I feel a certain sadness that he is six weeks old already. I don't think he counts as a new born anymore....

And my progress. Put on 2.5kg since the birth - how did that happen? Surely the weight should be going in the other direction? Have mastered breastfeeding. But am still really exhausted, have hot flushes, still some pain and my wound hasn't healed.
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