Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Crisis over...

At the PWG event on Tuesday, we had a professional photographer taking photos, including headshots of the Executive Committee (I'm the Vice President). I think I scrubbed up okay, even given the clothing and hair crisis I had before leaving the house!

Had a good day today, since mr.ncot has been at home looking after baby ncot! Have made a hair appt for 9th October (last cut and colour was May), plus a beauty appt to get my eyebrows done.

Also had a coffee with a new friend at Starbucks (*waves at new friend* - you know who you are!) and got baby tips from her. She's an expert, since she has 3 boys!

Then I went into town to get baby presents for another new friend who had her little boy this week, plus into H&M to get nursing tops from me and some more clothes for Markus.

Hurrah for nice Fridays!
Tags: friends, mgm, pwg

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