Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Resistance to Rest

I just read this wonderful post on Christine Kane's blog. It's all about how babies resist their naps and as adults we do something similar, in resisting rest. She explains how she deals with her inability to relax on holiday. She lets her bitchy inner voice run riot and accepts it, and in so doing, is able to eventually take rest and enjoy her holiday.

I can relate to this post. The boy m is quite good at resisting his naps and takes a while to settle. Also, I am very bad at the moment at resting and sleeping when baby does. My supposed priorities on my to do list are not priorities! Feeding and chilling are higher on this list!

In other news, firstly, I have some more snapshots to post soon. Secondly, am missing my parents who left yesterday, but my brother arrives on Friday for a long weekend. Lastly, am beginning to learn that breastfeeding and caring for a new born teaches patience, love and a slower but more balanced sense of time management :-)

Oh, and I am loving it :-)
Tags: article, health, pb, self_reflection

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