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Home alone

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Yesterday and today Markus and I have been home alone - mr. ncot having started his new job at Zurich University. And so far we have survived, as the photo shows :-)

Yesterday was busy, with a trip to the hospital again for my checkup. I had lots of help getting on and off trams and trains which was good, since I can't (or shouldn't) lift the pram on my own at the moment. My wound isn't healing very well, hence the hospital trips :-(

In the afternoon, M had his first play date with Tessa, 4.5 month old daughter of my friend Susan. It went fine, until we (the mums) swapped babies for a cuddle - at which point both babies went into crisis meltdown mode - cue quick swap back again, at which point the screaming stopped!

Then Myrna, a work colleague came round. Myrna was convinced all along I was having a girl, so was very keen to meet my boy! M. slept all the way through the visit.

Once Alan got home, the boy and I were knackered and I went to bed at 9pm!

Today we have had no visitors, so we had the morning in bed and this afternoon on the sofa - perfect! Alan keeps nagging me to drink my 3 litres of water a drink (vital if breastfeeding) so has started leaving me labelled bottles to drink per day :-)

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