Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Markus gets his first flickr set and lj userpic :-)

Here are the photos of the first 2 weeks of Markus' life - including hospital stay, first weeks at home and lots of visitors. Oh, and first bath :-)

Markus' First Fortnight

Oh, and the winner of the "guess the sex, weight and length of my baby" competition, was....
beebarf and my Zurich friend Kerry, although to be fair, no one got it exactly right!

Markus is a boy and weighed in at 4.03kg, 49cm, 10 days early, due to c-section
- Beebarf said 4.25kg and 52cm and said he or she would be overdue.
- My Zurich friend Kerry said a boy, 4kg exactly and 62cm
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