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2009_08_29 Day Sixteen

2009_08_29 Day Sixteen
Originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea
This is the baby / bed / desk and control centre for ncot :-) Please note screaming Markus, not pleased that mami was mucking around taking photos instead of feeding him!

Today mr.ncot let me out of the flat on my own and I managed to walk 5 minutes down the road to the chemists and back again. It felt very strange to be out and about again in the world, after 2 weeks inside.

The world seems to have carried on without me. People are going about their daily business. I wanted to tell everyone, "I have a little new born gorgeous boy and he's only 2 weeks old!" You will be glad to know that I didn't!

It felt even odder to be without the boy m :-) It was good to return home and find both my boys on the sofa where I left them!