Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

We didn’t want to know your gender…

We didn’t want to know your gender, because we wanted a big surprise on the day of your birth! There are so few genuine surprises in life and this is one of them! As my friend Jane said, we can just wait and wonder and ask ourselves "Who is coming to us?"

I think your Dad would have liked to have known your flavour, but I just wanted the surprise. So all of our clothes are very neutral at the moment, but we will buy you blue or pink as needed when you arrive!

And at each appointment, we keep telling the Doctors, "Please don't tell us, we want to be surprised!!

lots of love
mum-to-be x


See all my postcards to my bump (ptmb) posts here - they are being written now, but being retro-posted to fill my lj gaps!!
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