Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Relaxing Day!

My aim today (after coming back from Lucerne was to relax and I think I pretty much managed it.

* Got home (but had to put on some washing and take some stuff to the dry cleaners)

* Went to see my favorite beauty therapist at the Globus spa for a wax (ahem, down there) and then a lurvely facial

* Went to the body shop and bought some tea tree oil body wash

* Met my work friend Myrna at Starbucks for a quick drink, since we didn't get a chance to say goodbye properly at work

* Went for my final massage at Instinct Massa

* Came home and Alan cooked

* Now off for a quick bath before bed

I was going to do loads more clearing up tonight, but have decided that most tasks can wait until tomorrow!
Tags: friends, treats

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