Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Last Day at work!

So, I survived my last day at work and it was not as hard as I feared! I brought in lots of croissants and sweet pastries for the Business School teams on our floor. I cleared my inbox, my pending emails, my to do list, threw out lots of paper, gave some last minute instructions regarding courses next week and did the last couple of tasks that I have been putting off for weeks. My desk was clear and finally there was nothing left to do. Left at about 6pm. I had lunch with a new friend Meera, a pregnant friend I met at the weekend birth preparation course.

I feared that it would be strange to be leaving for 6 months, but actually it felt just right. I am pleased that I managed to work pretty efficiently and effectively up until the very end, but on the other hand, just a week of materntiy leave before baby arrives feels a bit short! And I am quite tired! Several clients rang up to wish me well, and true to form, I have a few projects linked up provisionally for March 2010 when I get back. Plus lots of friends in the Business school came to my desk to say Goodbye. No presents from work, but that seems to be the swiss way! No surprise baby showers either :-(
So that's it - I'm on full time Mummy duty for 6 months!!
Tags: work

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