Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

It's the Final Countdown...

All hum along to 80s naff ballad, please!

So, in 14 days, all things being equal, baby nice_cup_of_tea will be here! I had a hospital appointment this week and little one is still quite happily head up and bum down. We have another appointment on Monday, to see whether we can try the turning technique, but if this isn't successful, then my c-section has been planned for Friday, 14th August.

Gulp. This isn't really what I had planned, but at least i have time to get my head around how baby will arrive into this world. On the plus side, it is perfect timing for us, given Alan's month off in August. We will have time as a family at home, before he needs to go back to work.

It feels too soon, I feel as though I want more time with baby safely inside. I know how mad that sounds. But somewhere, having a date makes it all seem too soon and scary. On the other hand, I can barely wait until baby is here. I have 3 more days to work next week, and then work is done.

And how do I know that this is a male? Because (as friend Jane said on facebook chat) the lad is lost, needs directions to get out, but won't ask for help :-) *lol*
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