Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Betting on Baby - Part 2

More bets are coming in!

Zürich Friends
Bea - 3.3 kg and 51cm
Pierre - 4.3kg and 48 cm
Myrna - thinks I'm having a girl, 3.6kg, 55cm (this would be 8lb in old money!)
Eric reckons 3.85kg (8.5lb)
Emma - girl, 4kg
Kerry - boy, 4kg, 52cm (or was it 54cm)

LJ friends
Texaswren - girl, 3.6kg, 53cm
elhamisabel - 3.55kg, 53cm
yokospungeon - female, 9lb 13oz! (4.5kg)
Beebarf - 4.25 kg and 52cm, plus overdue!
Sweet_indiana - boy, 3.9kg, 55cm

Approximate Conversions
7lb = 3.2kg
8lb = 3.6kg
9lb = 4kg
10lb = 4.5kg
Tags: pb
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