Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Panic over - I'm still here!

The pain from last night has stopped, so I am hoping that it was baby turning, or having a last growth spurt. My due date is not until Aug 25th and I am just coming up for 36 weeks, so it would have been a bit early, but I was so uncomfortable last night :-(

Today I am not at work, from this week I am working 50% - hurrah! And we are just going to a big baby shop to do the last bits and pieces of shopping.

Just rang the British embassy in Bern and it will cost 300 CHF to register baby (ie £200) and that doesn't include a passport :-( Alan just rang the Irish embassy and he doesn't have to do anything to register the baby as irish - it automatically is! I then had to put up with him doing a victory jig round the office and loudly lambastly british imperial bureaucracy....
Tags: pb
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