Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I've been tagged! Finally!

I thought nobody loved me, but finally I've been tagged by the lovely colanne. So, 20 facts about me?

1. I'm the world's biggest worrier, no worry is too small for me to obssess about. I could represent my country in the worrying olympics and get gold
2. My weight fluctuates between 10 stone and 11 stone (and i wish it wouldn't)
3. I could read music before I could read text
4. I played the viola in youth orchestras until I was 19
5. My front teeth stuck out big time as a kid, and I wore braces for years
6. When I was a little girl I had very short hair...
7. ...and was a tom-boy..
8. ...and consequently was mistaken for a boy until I was about 10/11
9. I've been traumatised ever since!
10. I speak fluent German and
11. can recognise a few dialects - Zuerituutsch und Plaatdeutsch
12. I love to swim and got a badge for swimming 3000m when I was a kid
13. I ran the London marathon in 2001
14. I suffer from insomnia
15. I have endo.
16. I'm addicted to reading and am currently averaging a book a day
17. I still haven't completed my masters thesis
18. I want to learn how to unicycle (I was given one for my 30th birthday
19. I can juggle
20. My penfriend Jenn (from when we were 10) is now my sister-in-law

Who to tag? sunneschii, whytraven, irascignavojo, elestr, hello_mango
Tags: meme
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