Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Water Relaxation

After my crash yesterday (see photo of treacherous pavement!) I left work today at lunchtime and slept all afternoon, think my body really needed it! I still feel quite achy and bashed up, no damage apart from grazes.

Tonight I went to the 5th of my 6 pregnancy / water courses at the Unispital pool (University hospital). There are 8 of us, all in the third trimester (the first babies are due in the first week of August) and we have fun in the water. Lots of stretches and breathing and then some pair work.

We trust each other, tow each other round the shallow pool with inflatable and generally relax. It is so funny to see us - lots of pregnant bellies floating around. It is also quite reassuring to see each other's shape and sizes. Afterwards I feel nice and weary!
Tags: pb, swimming

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