Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Postcards to my bump!

I got these great writing prompts from the book Postcards from the Bump: A Chick's Guide to Getting to Know Your Baby in Your Belly, see website for more details.

I had a read a similar sort of letter (Letter to our embryos) in the Guardian a while ago, which had really moved me.

I love the idea of writing creatively to my unborn child, so this tag ptmb (postcards to my bump) will contain all my missives! It's also worth mentioning that I am writing these in July, just about a month (or 6 weeks, just depending on what happens) before the birth, but posting them in the gaps of the last 6 months!

And to celebrate, a new user icon :-)

written 18.07.09
Tags: pb, ptmb
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