Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Hurrah! CV and Letter completed in German

So I’ve finally finished writing my cv and covering letter in German, thanks to katcolorado and Dolphus for their help and corrections! I’ve also found all the necessary paperwork and scanned and printed and collated everything into a folder! Applying for jobs here is so different to England. CVs are shorter and with less detail about each job, because each time you leave a job here you get a “Zeugnis”, sort of a like a school report and this details exactly what your responsibilites were and how well you did them! It’s customary here to include certification for “everything” you mention on your cv, and you also list all the relevant courses you’ve done. Hence, my cv here is 3 pages long (not 2 as in England). The photo shows all the paperwork for the cv which gets neatly compiled into a folder!
Tags: career

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