Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Baby Jitters

The flat is filling up with baby stuff and I am getting the jitters. It is beginning to feel very real now :-) Friday night we went round to some new friends in Zurich to pick up their moses basket which we are borrowing, plus their bugaboo buggy which we are buying. We had the crash course in how to operate it and then struggled home on the tram laden down!

Yesterday was our baby care course at Spital Zollikerberg, which is where we will be going to have baby. All in swiss German and we learnt a fair bit about nappy changing, bathing and carrying baby with slings and carriers etc. The 2 midwives which pragmatic and reassuring.

This week we received a beautiful stripy baby jacket from kf_in_georgia - thank you so much, it is gorgeous!

But today I just feel restless. We have the next appointment tomorrow, where we find out whether baby has turned or not. HEAD DOWN BABY!!! And today all I can see is chaos in the flat. We have books and stuff everywhere. And I know that it will all get sorted out in due course (Alan has August off) but at the moment I am just picking up one worry after another, and I just can't settle! Maybe a walk to the lake will help....

Tags: pb

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