Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Hedgehog Heroine .... or "So cute!"

My friend Karen is a hedgehog heroine... In her own words

99% sure it's a he ;-)
He was on the pavement this morning I assume having been hit by a car. He isn't bleeding, he's quite healthy (about 1kg I think!) and is breathing OK. So I have waited until the hedgehog centre opens at 4pm rather than get myself a vets bill. So we have to take him in a box by bus but I have to call first... hence the need for German. As I say he can kick his legs and is quite strong but he can't stand up... he also snores when he is asleep...sooooo sweet!! Maybe he has a dislocation or something that can be fixed... I'll keep you posted.

I am so behind with all my blogs, but in short, here's the news....

- I'm doing ok, just about surviving the heat
- Still have 6 weeks of work to go and 7.5 weeks until baby Moran is due
- Very tired, can't sleep because of a combination of heat, backache and a teeny-weeny bladder
- But generally happy, life is good :-)
Tags: pb, summer

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