Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A positive way to honour Michael and remember his life.

As it came closer to today, the first anniversary of my cousin Michael's death, I wanted to do something positive and active to honour Mike and to remember his life. I decided to buy and collect books that had some relevance to Mike, and leave them for other people to find!

It's been a beautiful day here in Zurich, and I took an hour to wander around town and leave the right books in the right places. I spent time yesterday in a charity bookshop in Zurich, buying the right books to honour Michael and remember his life. I was really happy with my choices - i got travel guides for Africa, Sri Lanka, London and Canada, plus a novel about flying in Africa. I had 2 books here at home to release, one about 2 friends who go travelling and remember a friend of theirs who has just died, and a wonderful book called "The 5 people you meet in Heaven."

Michael Channer Memorial website
"Capt." Michael Channer Bookcrossing Challenge
Photos of Books & Releases
(My 2 journal entries below have the links to the books and photos....)

My thoughts today are with all of Mike's friends, family, collegues, but especially with Gerry and Sharon, and Melissa.
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