Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

UK Update

So, my sister is amazing, or so she claims :-)

I am lying in her bed, being brought nice cups of tea and playing with her new mac laptop, which is lovely.

The UK trip so far:
* Met 5 different friends in London, 3 of which were pregnant with baby number two
* Heard many different labour horror stories, so am now prepared and terrified
* Went for a nice meal with Sal
* Went shopping - Crave maternity clothing shop on the Kings Road (www.cravematernity.co.uk) is fabulous - spent far too much money but got some lovely clothes - business wear, casual stuff including some size 14 jeans, some summer clothes and a nice formal outfit - all of which will be nice for afterwards
* Went to Bristol for a day to clear my parents attic
* and am now finally in Manchester until Sun evening

More updates and photos to follow but have about a one month lj backlog, so don't hold your breath!!
Tags: family, friends, katethebass, london, pb

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