Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Of Parcels and Pleasant Surprises

This week has been a bit of a mixed bag. The start of the week at work was incredibly stressful. I have been organising the new onboarding training program for Poland and until Thursday just gone, we didn't have enough training rooms. By the end of the week however, my colleagues in Poland had finally realised that time was ticking on and that I needed their support!

I leave on Tuesday for Poland and have mixed feelings about it. When I agreed to go in January, I had no idea how I would be feeling now. I am actually doing really well with the pregnancy and my energy is coming back, BUT I do get quite tired at the end of the day and nearly 2 weeks in Poland running the show is going to be hard work. I need to slow down and ask for help, but this does not come easy to Helen "stubborn" Palmer. On the other hand, this will be the last work trip for a while, so I should savour it :-) And when I am in Poland, I do really enjoy it, so watch the blogs for updates. PLUS, mr.ncot is coming out to Wroclaw next weekend, which is excellent. I have been there so many times and he hasn't!

Also this week at work, I had several really good lunches and amazing conversations with colleagues about pregnancy, babies and working part time. I am learning a lot and finding that opening up to people brings amazing honesty and results from them!

Plus, at the end of last week, I had a rush of pleasant surprises in the post :-)
* my sister sent me some stripy pencils
* the lovely yokospungeon sent me some gorgeous smelling baby soap, lip balm and stripy notelets
* my friend Jane from California sent me a HUGE box of maternity clothes, plus 3 books, one of which I devoured yesterday

In short, I feel very loved. I miss blogging regularly, so will try the next couple of weeks to get back into a daily routine, even if it is just a few short sentences.

Tags: happy, pb, poland, stripy, work

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