Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A small cup of tea is brewing :-)

I am delighted to finally be able to tell you my very good news.....


After a long and sometimes painful journey, and thanks to the miracle of IVF, I am 14 weeks pregnant with baby ncot, who should make an appearance sometime around August 25th this year. We are both very excited and feeling very pleased with ourselves, and just the right amount of absolutely terrified.

This might explain my somewhat sporadic blogging this year - a combination of tiredness, a couple of very rocky few weeks pregnancy-wise, and not being able to blog about baby-to-be, mean that my writing sort of stopped. But now I'm back :-)

I have a specific project baby (pb) filter which contain details of pregnancy and this new journey in my life. If you want to be included in this filter, just reply to this post. Otherwise my public and friends posts may mention my pregnancy in passing, but will not contain any details. Other than a post of course when baby turns up (if I can get mr.ncot to write if for me)!

So, that's my news :-) To say I am feeling happy at the moment is an understatement. Advice, tips, tricks and pregnancy stories all welcome.!

Oh, and of course the occasion demands a shiny, new, userpic!
Tags: happy, memories, pb
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