Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Hot Chocolate Overdose

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Today has been full of friends, gossip and good things (read hot chocolate and apple strudle) - and now I am feeling a bit bleurgh!

Met my friend Jill for our regular gossip fest in Sprüngli, which inevitable translates into 2 hot chocolates each! Then I met a friend from work at the Corso cinema to watch Australia, after which we went to Cafe Felix, and I had - you guess it - a hot chocolate and apple strudel!

The film was brilliant, a real epic. Nearly 3 hours long, beautiful scenery, a great story and the gorgeous Hugh Jackman! We all cried buckets, at one point I had to pass a packet of tissues around!

There's a lovely quote near the beginning from Drover, Hugh Jackman's character. He says that posessions in life don't matter, what matters is the stories we know and tell, and we should focus on how we live these stories in our life.

I think this is so true. We should focus more on how we construct our life, the stories we tell about ourselves and our families to explain our lives and what we learn from our experiences. These stories can't be taken from us, lost or damaged, as objects can.

What is my story? What is our story? :-)
Tags: films, friends

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