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Today the organising bug hit me :-) I bought 2 new moleskin notebooks, since my home and work ones are full and this led to a full fledged frenzy of cleaning - the writing desk and my computer desk. I am still in the middle of it, hence the need to post!

Like tiggsybabes' post, I need Moleskin notebooks to keep me organised. The home one is unlined and is my paperjournal - it's the A5 version. I write lists of plans and things to do, plus stick in quotes, info, funky pictures!

The work one is the lined A5 version and into this goes everything at work - to do lists, planning, project notes, meeting notes, sketches. if I lost this, my work life would come crashing down!

But in clearing out my writing desk and stationery, I was reminded of my post the Parable of the bath bombs. I hoard things - envelopes, postcards, bits and pieces. I buy more stuff, because I am afraid to use what I have. This also ties in neatly with a post on the Happiness project blog, called Spend out, that I read recently. Makes a lot of sense.

This year I resolve to be generous and use up my "stuff" - I will trust in the abundance that I have. Since one of my resolutions is to reconnect with people and maintain relationships, this is the perfect reason to use my plentiful stationery.
I WILL NOT KEEP THINGS FOR BEST! The worst that can happen is that you eventually need to buy in new supplies. I did well last year actually using a lovely Montblanc pen that mr.ncot bought me for Christmas 2006. Sadly I lost the pen somewhere at work this year. But, I had two years of really enjoying the pen!

Do you hoard? Confess all in 2009 :-)
The writing desk before...

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