Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2009 Resolutions

As in 2008 I will review my resolutions monthly and reassess them if needed.

I need to realise that 80% is good enough, I do not need to be 100%.

I find it useful to think about a set of personal commandments or guiding principles, resolutions and goals. Gretchen Rubin has written a great post on commandments and resolutions on her Happiness Project Blog.

2009 Commandments
Do not let the perfect be the enemy of the good
Baby Steps
Don't rehearse unhappiness
Der Weg ist das Ziel (the goal is the journey)

2009 Resolutions (which will lead to goals below)
Maintain food diary on fitbug
Achieve my fitbug steps per day (using www.fitbug.com)
Practice yoga once a week
Care for my relationships - reach out to two friends a month

2009 Goals
Have a healthy pregnancy and enjoy the journey
Enjoy my life and find the right balance
Write the Research paper on the Samaritans
Go to the dentist!


I need to recognise and fight my own RESISTANCE.

How does my resistance show up?
- in my unceasing pessism - I deal with change and new challenges by always starting from the worst possible outcome
- In my procrastination, fear of starting
- In my using alcohol to dull my stress and overwork

How can I beat my resistance?
- Taking responsibility for my thinking and choosing a more realistic, optimistic viewpoint - and by cancelling my negative thinking
- not using alcohol to self medicate ie as a stress reliever
- Choosing to start small, but to continue consistently

How do I keep sane?
- Write regularly / blog daily (mental relief)
- walk daily (physical and mental relief)
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