Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

2008, the year in pictures

from top left, left to right
Jan: Singapore Skyline
Feb: Caroline comes to visit
Mar: Lucerne at night, anniversary weekend
Mar (2): Easter with the Connors

April (1): Kate's Birthday Weekend
April (2): Drew's Naming Ceremony
June (1): Comrades Marathon, South Africa
June (2): Weekend on the Rigi

July (1): CS Firm Triathlon team - I swam 1.5km!
July (2): Bristol Weekend, meeting the barge!
Aug: Mags and Mano get wed!
Sept: Amit with Ish

Oct (1): Book Party
Oct (2): Dublin Weekend, Connor Girls
Nov: Gerry's Memorial in Canada
Dec : Christmas Lights on Bahnhofstrasse

All my 2008 Photos
Tags: memories

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