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Hello and Goodbye - "The Anchorage"

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This may have been our final Christmas in the Anchorage - my parents want to sell up and start their retirement on the barge. My parents bought the land when I was a babe in arms and spent a year designing and building the house. It might look a bit shabby from the outside, but it is full of memories and love.

It was good to celebrate Christmas there with the whole family. It worked really well, we all had space to do our own thing if needed. Alan and I cooked Christmas lunch with no tears, arguments or temper rages. My Mother couldn't stop raving about how well we had done, and did happily relinquish control :-)

All in all, an excellent Christmas. I was pleased that I had a good 5 day break from the internet / email / blogs!!

After a final crisp, cold, walk in the park, we left at about midday on Saturday to catch the coach back to Heathrow. The plane was a bit delayed and we finally got home at about 11 o'clock last night.

Winter Walk
Christmas Photos

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