Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Going home for Christmas

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We arrive at LHR on time yesterday evening and Amit played the Chaffeur and picked us up!

We spent the morning of the 23rd with Sally and Ish, who is now a bouncy 3 month old, who was a bit bad tempered and drooly because he is starting to teeth! But he slept long enough for the 3 of us (Amit being at work) to have lunch together, before getting the 3 clock coach from Heathrow to Bristol.

Amazingly, the coach was on time, comfortable and we got to Bristol no hassles! Dad picked us up and as got home about the same time as Kate. Lots of hugs and happiness at the Anchorage! Mummy Palmer was particularly excited :-)

Tags: advent, bristol, christmas, family, london, uk

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