Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Advent is coming...

Preparations for advent are underway in Zürich - the christmas lights are up, but not officially lit, shops are decorated and today it even snowed a little!

I met Jill for a hot chocolate (or two) in Sprüngli and put our world to rights, while people watching the good citizens of Zürich! In other news today I have been doing my tasks - buying candles for my advent wreath, recycling, collecting dry cleaning, doing the washing, doing a few bits of shopping, sorting out our finances and I have even managed to get our answering machine to work again.

The next task is to FINALLY book airtickets for getting home at Christmas...oh, and then to have a bath! I am hoping that mr.ncot is going to cook a nice curry this evening.
Tags: advent, friends, mr.ncot, snow, zürich

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