Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Catching up

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I am sitting in a hotel foyer and thanks to the wonders of wireless networks, along with CS vpn technology, am able to access work email and drives.

Life is a bit manic at the moment.

On Sunday afternoon I leave for Poland
I work in Wroclaw on Mon, tues and weds
I leave Wroclaw at 7am on Thurs morning and get into Zurich at 10am
My flight to Canada leaves at 12.50 and I should arrive at Ottawa at 5ish
Gerry's memorial is at 3pm on Friday
I leave on Saturday at 1pm and should arrive back in Zurich at 6am.

Blogging may be slightly interrupted :-)

Please think of my family on Friday afternoon (Fri eve UK time).
Tags: family, thymeoff, travel, work

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