Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Alan's curry night!

Alan went on an indian cooking course last Sunday (there’s another one next Sun as well) and tonight we sampled the benefits. Very yummy! Lassi to drink, chicken biryani, raita & curried potatoes. The smell of spices and ghee as he was cooking were SO enticing… A good reward for all my flat cleaning. It’s taken me 3 days (on and off) to do a big clean of the flat after the Connor visit. It was well overdue for a clean, I am such a slutty housewife * lol* I bought a new mop thing (hard sell by the woman in the local hardware store) but it seems to do the job, and she also sold me some really nice-smelling citroen cleaning concentrate. Just the kitchen to do, then I can got to bed :-)
Tags: mr.ncot, odds and sods
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