Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Five Steps to Happiness

Lucy Mangan of the Guardian has written a really interesting piece on five steps to happiness

She investigates a report by Foresight, a Government think tank on Mental capacity and wellbeing

Foresight recommends a five-a-day programme of social and personal activities
1. Connect with others
2. take some exercise
3. learn something new
4. take notice of your surroundings
5. get involved with your neighbours and local community.

For myself, I know that many of these steps work. My lent challenge in 2005 was based on connecting with people and this helps me to reduce my stress and isolation. I am a firm believer and do-er of life long learning. Risks and challenges help us grow and teach us about ourselves and our self limiting barriers.

Walking to work every day and taking a daily snapshot has certainly helped me to take notice of and appreciat my environment. I have not yet cracked the exercise challenge - it goes in fits and starts. But on the whole, I feel that I am doing okay, at least based on this report.

What do you all think?
Tags: article, happy, health, self_reflection

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