Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

CS from the other side

Today I attended a fascination talk about Credit Suisse and the art commission. We also got a tour of Paradeplatz (the private banking head office in the centre of Zurich) and all the art in the client meeting rooms. It was amazing and a real eye-opener. This is the front area of the bank that we normally never see as staff. Wealth indeed.

What was completely fascinating was the head of the commission, who explained who CS uses art. He was truly passionate about art and the pieces that the had commissioned and bought. It was an inspiration to hear someone so absolutely engaged with their work. CS builds long term relationships with their artists. He also talked about art as a message, as a container of a message, not just decoration. I felt educated and challenged.

The snapshot of the day shows the opposite side of the Paradeplatz show windows - truly CS from the other side.
Tags: the arts, work
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