Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Hair colour and a hospital trip

Wow, what a day...

My relaxing Saturday started well with a trip to Irena at the hairdressers - and a fab colour (dark brown with a hint of red!) and cut.

Then the normal saturday chores, including picking up my serviced bike, including new saddle, pump and bell.

And then just as I was off to catch up with a friend at 2.30pm, a call from mr.ncot at the hospital. His diabetes had caught up with him and he had collapsed in Zurich. He hit his head pretty hard on the way down, needing proper stitches. And we spent quality time together (8 hours) in Zurich A&E. He looks really beaten up on the face, but is actually fine, thank goodness :-)
Tags: hair, mr.ncot

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