Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Nail Painting

When we met the family last year in France, I painted the girl’s nails. They actually remembered this, so during the course of the weekend I painted Emma’s fingernails, Clare’s fingernails, then Emma’s toenails and Clare’s toenails! They were great though, and amazingly, sat still long enough for the nails to be pretty much dry. Daddy of course was needed to blow on nails and check they were dry :-)

Just when we thought it was all over, one of them piped up, “Why don’t we do Mummy’s nails?”, lol :-) Poor Mummy then had her nails painted, but not in one colour, oh no! I’m wicked. “Clare, Emma, why don’t you choose which colour Mummy should have on her nails. Maybe we could paint each nail a different colour?” he he. So we did!
Tags: family, guests

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