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Some thoughts on Onboarding Training

Day 2
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Today was a long old day and I don't know who was the tired in the end, me or my nine new hires!

It is always the challenge when designing a training program. From a content and learning point of view, I know how much time and space I need to plan. Business though, inevitably wants to cut down the induction period to make it as efficient as possible. And the more I talk about the need for staff to reflect on their learning, to work together, to have time to process and use and practice the information, the more business rolls their eyes and cuts another day!

Actually, that's not quite fair. The new head of this business area in Poland is keen for the Onboarding program to be longer, but then it looks like it was my idea to make is so short. And now that the project people see that their staff are overwhelmed, everyone's feedback of "we need to plan more time", conflicts pretty harshly with their arguments a few months ago to cut the program. Very frustrating, but that's life.

Anyway, today was long and tiring. I found myself automatically taking charge and leading from the front. I co-moderated a few sessions with my various trainers and supported them. Another challenge was that not everyone spoke English, or German. So we had trainers having to use both languages and the slides were all in English.

In the evening, there was an official meal in one of the good restaurants in Wroclaw for all the project staff involved in this October onboarding. I had time to catch up with top management that I supported last year and had some very funny conversations with my HR counterpart and the STAs (Short Term Assigneees) who will be there in Wroclaw. Afterwards we went to Manana, a student pub/club opposite the main business hotel. We were a bunch of 6 swiss "suits" in a heaving mass of trendy students. And we all felt at least 10 years too old to be in there legitimately!! At 11 oclock sharp the bar area seemed to turn into a impromptu dance floor - the poles love to dance and even a few swiss besuited bottoms were twitching. We finally escaped at about midnight, before I turned into a pumpkin. Again, another late night. Boy, it's a a hard life in the Business School...
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