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Back in wroclaw!

Back in wroclaw!
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It feels strange, but good, to be back in Wroclaw. My journey here was uneventful, but got a message on the way to say that one trainer had cancelled and the replacement could only stay for tomorrow, so I had to rejig the schedule en route - so much for yesterday's "final version" of the training schedule!!

The company has moved offices in Wroclaw so it was good to see the new office space. It was also great to see all the staff that I trained last year. I am here this time to look after the deployments of a new business area, so a different management team to support and different areas to train on. I keep having a feeling of deja vu - which is true, because I have been here before and run the same training courses!! I need to keep reminding myself though that my internal client is new and this is their first time here in Poland.

Anyway, the afternoon went smoothly and I was glad to go out with the Zurich staff in the evening. As usual we went to the market place to find something to eat and more to drink and it was pretty late by the time I got back to the hotel. It is such a priviledge to be here and there are so many personal and professional benefits. You get to know your working colleagues on a completely different level, because we have time to go out in the evening. Inevitable the conversation starts with the project and the work, before branching out to more general topics. It's also good to strengthen one's networks...

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