Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

May 17th: Pretty good day!

  • Water = 5
  • Tea = 3
  • Food: Cereal, Salad, olives & 2 eggs, chicken, pasta & veg
  • Drinks: 2 glasses wine, 1 large g&t
  • Networking and fun @ PWG :-)
  • Achieved my run :-)
  • Did some work on my methodology chapter :-)

  • So I'm still awake tonight awake tonight at nearly 2am, because I suddenly realised I hadn't put the cardboard out for recycling tomorrow. They only collect once a month, and it's a real pain if you miss it! Putting out your rubbish here is a bit of a minefield!
    1. You get taxed on bin bags - they cost approx £10 for 20, which I think you'll agree is pretty steep!
    2. Paper gets collected x2 a month, cardboard packing x1 a month
    3. All glass has to go to the bottle bank
    4. Batteries to electrical shops or the Post Office
    5. Plastic bottles and containers in the PET rubbish bin
    6. Clothes in the clothes bin, or to an approved charity shop

    If you don't get it right, the rubbish police come and fine you :-(
    So you can see now why my subconcious mind woke me from sleep to put the cardboard out! Once I was outside in the cold, it was an easy cognititive jump to convince myself to turn on the computer to add this daily entry :-)
    Schlaf gut! Sleep Well!
    Tags: research, weight, zürich

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