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Blinde Kuh

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3 work colleagues and I went to the Blinde Kuh restaurant this evening. The restaurant is staffed by blind and visually disabled people and is completely dark. You are led to your table and it truly is pitch black. You cannot see anything. You order and serve as normal.

I was not sure how I would feel about the experience. I was worried that it would be really "uncomfortable" and awkward. But it wasn't. I LOVED the experience. The blackness was strangely comforting. Eating was a bit of challenge, a few fingers in bowls and plates were needed to check where the food had gone. And distressingly I managed to shoot half my very gorgeous chocolate cake onto the table!!

And bizarelly, our conversation seemed to be more intimate, more empathetic with eath other, because we couldn't see faces or expressions. The voice of our waitress Lille seemed to be way, way above us. She looked after us very well :-)

A very special evening, which was organised and partly sponsored by the Diversity and Awareness forum at work.

Tags: friends, work, zürich

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