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2008_09_16 Leading PWG
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This week and next I am responsible for all the Microsoft courses which are running in the Uetlihof, which basically means treaking up and down the hill from Bederstrasse, or sitting at this temporary workplace in wabe 8 of floor 10! Today I stayed in the Uetilhof, enjoyed the peace and got lots of work done

This evening was PWG and since Jill was otherwise busy, I took her role and facilitated the evening. It went really well and I really enjoyed the leadership and facilitation role. The topic of the evening was "Social Entrepreneurship: When Passion Leads to Action". Monica Brunner, a chief Bursor with Swiss Internatinal Airlines founded a children's home in Tanzania and explained her journey in making this happen. She was truly inspirational. What really impressed me was her ability to use her current skills and job and to develop and implement a realisable dream. She showed a film of the orphanage and there was a genuine family feeling there!
Tuwapende Watoto
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