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... or training, conveyor belt style :-)

Today I led a training for 50 people, with 5 different speakers and a series of lectures. And in the meantime, I even managed to squeeze in a project meeting in the foyer of the hotel! The day went really well and I got some very positive feedback about my leadership of the program, not just from the participants, but more importantly from my lecturers. It made me realise that I do a professional job and that I am doing more than okay. My boss is happy, because this is a year long training programme, which will have trained more than 600 people, so it's good for his statistics :-)

I do find it quite funny leading these big events. Perfectly capable adults turn into children, when in a group larger than 10 people. They forget what they ordered for lunch, not more than 3 hours ago. They lose things. They fidget.

On the way home, I stopped in on our team apero, for a quick glass of red wine. The bar is really close to several CS offics, and a colleague walked past the bar window, we smiled and waved and he came in and joined us. This is someone that I know reasonably well, but who now works in Singapore. The rest of the team left and we stayed for another drink and had a really interesting, philosphical discussion about life, work and making the most of all the small things that happen to us. I was really touched that he had decided to come into the bar and learnt some important lessons, given the context of my stress at work this week.

So all in all, a good day :-) And tomorrow I get to work from home, even better.

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