Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

It's all too much

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After a horrible day at work yesterday and several hours crying at home in the evening, today was never going to be a particularly good day. I got into work and by 09.30 I had given up and walked home. I felt really horrible. Still feel tired and as though everything is too much, I can't cope. I cancelled lots of meetings, but even that wasn't enough. And then I had to have a really difficult telephone conversation with my boss this afternoon. Who was sympathetic, but I think a bit annoyed that i hadn't given him any warning about how badly I was feeling. I feel as though I have cocked everything up and let people down. I hope that tomorrow in work (even though actually I don't want to go into work tomorrow) I can get the important things done and then get home early. I don't actually know how I feel, but I am fed up of crying and feeling crap. I feel that my body has had enough.
Tags: health, rants, work

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